Belfast Lough Best Walks

Best Walks Belfast Lough

Whether you are walking with or without a pooch the area near the Coastguard Boat House offers some great walks.

Low Tide and Ship Wrecks

If you arrive at high tide at the Coastguard Boat House you really won’t believe how low and long the beach is when the sea recedes and it reveals some magical secrets.  The old coal pier and three ship wrecks and magical to explore.  Just make sure you have water proof shoes as there will still be some puddles!  Kids will love this walk and do make sure you bring a bucket and spade (stored in the blue cupboard) to make the most of treasure you find.


Loughshore Walk to Merville Garden Village

We recommend you walk right along the lough shore at any time of year. At dusk it can be especially magical (do bring the Boat House torch) as you can see all the harbour lights sitting under the cranes (Samson and Goliath.)  However, in Spring a walk to Merville Garden Village is very special as the cherry blossoms go into bloom and the village is sometimes like walking through pink snow. We also recommend a visit to the coffee bean for some tasty snacks and a heated outdoor area for you to enjoy with your doggy.


Cavehill walks

If you grow tired of the sea then a walk up Cavehill is bracing and rewarded with stunning views of Belfast.  This spot is only a ten minute drive from us, but as well as amazing views you can grab lunch at Belfast Castle and if you don’t fancy a hillside walk you can wonder around the Castle’s ornate and playful gardens.  Cat lovers will love this spot. More information here :


Bleach Green viaducts, Whiteabbey

Constructed in 1848 these are well worth a look especially if you are a railway or engineering enthusiast.  In the Nineteenth Century these were a Victorian tourist attraction.  To get to these walk towards Whiteabbey Village and then turn immediately left along a row of houses and you will enter a forest path – keep walking and you will reach this spot. You can also enter just at Whiteabbey community centre and travel through the Glen.   Do visit the village afterwards and enjoy a snack at the many restaurants – the Bureau and Sozo have dog friendly spaces.


  • Less than a metre from the sea
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