Stay Safe

The owners of the only Coastguard Boat House are acutely conscious that staying safe is a key consideration. 

The Boat House has been committed to keeping people safe for centuries and in this new Covid-19 era we are focused on keeping our guests, contractors, staff and ourselves, safe. 

From 29 April 2021  the Boat House is delighted to welcome holiday makers again,  ready for guests excited to experience an unique stay less than a metre from the sea at high tide.  

The Coast Guard Boat House was one of the first to adopt the Northern Ireland government's "Good to Go" brand demonstrating our commitment to be being Covid Safe.  We have also been awarded Airbnb's safe accreditation. Here's what we are doing to keep the Boat House a safe stay; 

1. Self contained - The Boat House is completely self contained. No other properties are within a five metre radius and there is no need to meet anyone from where you park your car to check in.   The coastal path opens directly to the coastal route - but for people who want an alternative route, a two minute walk will take you to the public entrance. 

2. Contact less check in.  - keys are sterlised via a UVH devised and placed in our key box or other safe location. At the entrance to the Boat House we will provide a shoe box (should you wish to remove your shoes), anti-bacterial hand gel and spray. 

4. Use of ventilation and sanitation. After a guest checks out at 11am we ventilate all rooms for at least 3 hours.    Our professional cleaners met all current guidelines (including clean clothes at each clean to avoid cross contamination, frequent hand cleaning, etc.)  All our cleaning materials are kept outside the Boat House in a dedicated storage area so there is no cross contamination from other locations.  Everything used to clean is washed to 60 degrees, disposable or is washed and disinfected.  Even, our vacuum cleaner is emptied, cleaned and sprayed with anti-bacterial spray after each clean.  We do not offer a cleaning service for guests who stay, but we will provide you with materials if you wish to clean yourself.  We wash and use anti-bacterial spray on all hard surfaces and soft surfaces.  

5. Wrapped towels and bed linen.  We offer guests a choice whereby we can make up the bed for guests or guests can be provided with bed linen wrapped and stored for at least 72 hours.  We rotate and wash all bed linen at 60 degrees - the mattress protector is washed at 60 degrees after every stay and have covers for all pillows which are also washed.  Any quilts and pillows will have been quarantined for at least 72 hours.

6. Covid -19 standard hygiene and cleaning. The owner is a NHS trained cleaner and so is very familiar with the process of cleaning hospital wards and applies this standard to the Boat House - we wash all surfaces (paying attention to high touch areas such as remotes, door knobs  switches, etc) and then use anti-bacterial spray to ensure an extra level of protection. 

7. Welcome basket. We recognise that getting refreshment after a long journey can be a real hassle especially given Covid-19 and not knowing which shops are best in terms of precaution. We therefore provide a basket with, tea/coffee, biscuits, milk, (wine when requested for special occasions), Tayto crisps for travellers on arrival. 

8. Information guides. We provide guides on how everything works in Boat House, but due to Covid these aren't paper copied but emailed photographs-  we also provide utube guides and have recorded a special utube welcome for our travellers - we can't be there in person but want you to feel at home and get the most from the Boat House!  This guide includes best take aways, and guides on local regulations.   

9.We wash all dishes and cutlery between stays, but for your additional safety we suggest you also do so before you use them.  Washing liquid and tea towels are provided. 

10. Check out - we ask all guests to leave linen and towels in tied bags on check out to protect the health of our cleaners. This means we can simply pop items in the wash without handling. Your co-operation with this is greatly appreciated. 

11. Full facilities.  We have in place a fully resourced kitchen but if you need anything else we have it in storage for you, including pizza trays, cutter, blender, micro wave and pride ourselves in providing everything some one staying would need!    We have a fridge freezer and a washer/drier with an outside clothes line.  The Boat House has everything - no need to head out - sit in and enjoy the views. 

12. Outdoor space. Present regulations suggest that outdoor space is the best way to keep people healthy and safe and so we have installed a sea sail canopy on our slipway so you can eat and drink outside - even in the spring and summer showers we often experience. 

13. Rotation of services, we have tried to strike a balance between taking everything that isn't essential to the Boat House and still making it a memorial stay. Therefore, we still provide some books for reading, but these will have been quarantined for at least a week in plastic covers, our binoculars - ideal for viewing across the Lough. These are rotated every week and sprayed with anti - bacterial spray. 

14.Covid- safe check.  Before check in we will ask you to check that you do not have any symptoms of the virus (we do the same for cleaners and contractors.) Please do not visit the Boat House if you or any of your party,  have any symptoms at all or have been asked to self isolate -  please note you will be responsible for quarantine costs if you become ill. We also ask all guests for their phone number, address and proof of ID to assist with trace and track for Covid 19.   Regulations vary between regions so please ensure you stay up to date with Covid Regulations via this link. Regulations and restrictions | nidirect

15. We believe that transparency is important as we are trying to do everything we can to keep you safe, we are happy to send any booked guest our full risk assessment so that their mind can be put at rest. 

Data Protection

We take guests personal information very seriously.  We use secure check out for any payments (paypal, stripe) and destroy any bank details within 2 days of check out.  If you provide us with your email this is only used to communicate with you about the Coastguard Boat House and we will not sell or cross sell your details to any other company. If you provide your email for our newsletter we offer you the chance to unsubscribe and we only ever send emails out once a quarter.  We will ask you if you are happy to be on our email list via a personal email.  If you have any queries about data protection or your personal information's security, please get in touch via the contact form on this website. 

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